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Defining the “Real estate transition”.

A way to reduce uncertainty regarding dramatic predictions of the effects of global risks.

The Oxford dictionary defines the “Transition” as “The process or o period of changing from one state or condition to another”.

The Real Estate Transition could be defined as the gradual or imediate transition into more resilient and autonomous places of living able to withstand ecological, technological, or political crisis.

The Real Estate Transition consist in materialise your ideas and your own beliefs regarding some of these risks through a construction or a renovation project.

The place where you are living in, its characteristics, features, location, water access, etc… will defines the way you think you could avoid or reduce the impacts of future crisis.

It is certain that in the next decade we will experience even more extreme climatic events and their global consequences on our fragile systems whether they are technicals, politicals or infrastruturals. There is still time to avoid, or reduce these impacts by launching your own Real Estate Transition.

Transition Immo

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