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How Transition Immo Works ?

Start your Transition Today

As an individual, a freelancer, a volunteer or a professional service provider you can register and use Transition Immo to explain how you can help or how you need help and support in your Transition.

Transition Immo is basically a place where people involved in sustainability can meet and exchange. If you need help, create an account and explain your project. If you can help, create an account and list your skills.


Find the right provider

So many challenges to face in your transition !

As an individual developing a Transition project it is not always easy to find the right provider because of the large number of subjects and stakes to deal with during the four main phases : THINK, DESIGN, BUILD and RUN.

Personal strategy, wealth management, resilience, sustainability, architecture, landscaping, water supply, construction, plumbing, solar panels... Along-with these 4 main phases, you´ll need to access various skills and Transition Immo offers you a single place to solve these questions.

All you need to do is to create your account and explain your project, you´ll find professional that share your philosophy...


Grow your Business

Reach a greater audience

As a professional, you are well aware of the technologies, techniques and methods that can help folks looking for robust and more sustainable solutions.

You have the know-how, the skills and also the vision to help through the four main phases of a transition project: THINK, DESIGN, BUILD and RUN.

With Transition Immo you can make your business more visible to the client involved in this type of project and you can pursue a mission that you hold dear.

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