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P.E.A.R.L. – Regenerative Agriculture Structural Planning – Light


Light Agro Regenerative Structural Planning

P.E.A.R.L. designs a “backbone” or mainframe for your farm or homestead, (»5Ha), and presents in a very objective way, the location of all elements in a general map * .kml (google earth) + implementation budget and schedule * .xls (excel). Ideal for those who just need an initial structure.

This service lasts 3 to 4 weeks and is an excellent way to make sense of your project, economically!

STARTING at 1250€, To have a quote for your property / project, please complete this form on this link .

What is Terracrua Design’s P.E.A.R.
(Structural Regenerative Agriculture Planning) system?

Our approach and method is based on the creation of an agro-regenerative matrix or “background” , and is inspired by the principles of Permaculture Design (B. Mollison and D. Holmgren), the Design Key-line (PA Yeomans), Natural Agriculture (M. Fukuoka), Holistic Management (Allan Savory) and Biodynamic Agriculture (R. Steiner), can be applied in productive spaces and landscapes, in areas and areas with purely ecological functions, or for leisure spaces and pedagogical.

The Agro Regenerative Structural Planning (PEAR) analyzes and covers the entire landscape , projects, plans and arranges all the infrastructures necessary for the establishment of human activities, in deep balance with the ecological framework of each landscape or territory. The purpose of this service is to present the client with a ” master plan” of strategies and processes to achieve its objectives, taking into account the information collected in the observation, survey and analysis phase.

  • It focuses on the integration of all invisible components of the landscape (natural and artificial), in a holistic plan of ecological architecture, covering the entire landscape;

  • It seeks to turn the natural conditions of the landscape into polyvalent “allies” of the landowner, through a plan for the management of natural resources;

  • Designs and plans all interventions in the territory, and its adjacent infrastructure plan, for maximum efficiency and low ecological, energy and financial impact in the short, medium and long term;


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